Nine hundred years ago, a band of Crusaders rode off to Jerusalem in search of the Holy Grail and entered the ancient war of the Light against Dark, Good vs. Evil. Having raged since time began, that war is about to involve us again whether we like it or not. Do we run from it, or do we unlock the ancient conspiracy that guards the Holy Grail of being before it is too late?
That's the question finally answered by The Voice
Commissioned by Oliver Stone, the story originated with journalists Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould's adventures in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation. It grew into an investigation of the esoteric connection between crusaders, mystical holy warriors, the CIA and pursuit of the Holy Grail. The Voice is a love story born of dreams with the Black Knight as the mythic guide that foretells the next "Holy War" against Islam. The dreams open a door to Hollywood's hold on image and reveals how perception is a holographic vision of past, present and future.


Behind the Voice
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"......None of the various theories of sociology which have inspired Western thought in the last 80 years makes possible a complete explanation of what is happening in the world today.

This is due to the fact that most of these doctrines have regarded the evolution of mankind as an organic whole. They have neglected to take into consideration an anachronistic survival of a creation of the Middle Ages which is arising out of the distant past.

To speak of the actual Middle Ages as influencing contemporary events brings a smile to the lips.

Yet, certain world wide economic currents can only be understood by the disclosure of an entanglement of interests extending back to the Middle Ages. This entanglement has developed a monster-like existence through the course of the centuries.....and it remains a well-concealed, well organized conspiracy with all its ramifications - a conspiracy aiming at world conquest and subordinating all moral considerations to its aim.

To turn back to the Middle Ages in explaining world problems, might seem fantastic to those who believe that civilization as a whole has experienced considerable progress since then. Nevertheless. We must yield to the evidence that it is not possible to explain a series of contemporary phenomena without going back to their distant sources, some six or seven centuries back. So much the worse for those who do not consider this a serious method of investigation."

The Thousand-Year Conspiracy, Paul Winkler, 1943



Even though Paul Winkler wrote these words over 50 years ago to explain Nazi Germany as an expression of a thousand year "Teutonic Conspiracy" to rule history, the sense that some secret agenda, some invisible hand turns the pages of American history - seems today to "feel" uncomfortably familiar.

JFK, Vietnam, RFK and Martin Luther King, Watergate, Iran- Contra, BCCI have all eluded the scrutiny given one Presidential candidate's sex life - while the men who've perpetrated these crimes disappeared in a "wisp of smoke " - only to emerge time after time, unscathed and unrepentant - ready once again to shake the public facade of the institutions to which we trust our lives.

But what if these men, these events, as disruptive as they seem on the surface, are not isolated accidents of corruption or greed, or even misuse of the government, but are evidence of a hidden agenda within Western society itself.

And what if as Winkler says about Nazi Germany, the agenda cannot be fully appreciated unless one examines "the entanglement of interests extending back into the past, perhaps even to the Middle Ages?"

It's naive to assume that in an era when American subs patrol the deepest oceans, American satellites spy on every land mass, that a secret "brotherhood" of Teutonic Knights should alone have plotted world conquest.

The British "aristocracy's" control of world commerce for hundreds of years was certainly no accident, while The Julian family's control of the Roman "Republic" was a case study of plotted subterfuge.

That an "elite" within America should "conspire" for world supremacy should come as no great surprise. That it has managed to cloak itself entirely in secrecy does. But what of this elite's interests "extending into the past?" What conspiracy could be so elaborately constructed, so secretly harbored inside the Democratic institutions of the United States that it could extend back even before the American Revolution to beyond the first Crusade and see the Kennedys as a threat?

The question indeed risks a smile on contemporary lips. But the question needs to be asked, particularly when there is mounting evidence that many events, not just the Kennedy assassinations, can only be explained by such a conspiracy: A conspiracy so profound and pervasive that all the players, even the opposing ones, acquiesced in a cover up, rather than risk the ruin a thorough investigation would bring.



"In all probability a young man would say to himself in the words of Pindar, 'Shall I by justice or by crooked wiles climb to a loftier stronghold, and having thus fenced myself about, live my life?' For the common opinion declares that to be just without being also 'thought' just, is no advantage to me....where if I am 'unjust' and get myself a name for justice, an unspeakably happy life is promised me.

Very well then; since the outward semblance overpowers the inward reality....I must therefore draw around me a picture of virtue to serve as frontage, while behind me I must trail the fox with it's cunning and shiftiness."

"Yes but, it will be objected, it is not an easy matter to conceal one's wickedness. No, we shall reply, nor is anything else easy that is great."

"To assist in keeping up the deception, we will form secret societies and clubs. There are moreover, teachers of persuasion, who impart skills in popular and forensic oratory; and so by fair means or by foul we shall gain our ends and carry on our dishonest proceedings with impunity."

Plato, The Republic. Book II p.48

Common 20th century interpretation of Plato's argument assumes Plato is merely stating a case for 'secret societies', not recommending them.

While desiring to agree with these assumptions, it must be pointed out the response his argument elicits does not effectively rebut the need for secret societies and secondly that modern purveyors of this assumption are indeed.... "teachers of persuasion, who impart skills in popular and forensic oratory." And of course are well schooled in Neo-Platonic thought.

In addition it might also be revealed that Plato, the single most important thinker in Greco-Christian morality and civilization was himself an initiate in an exclusive all male 'secret society' known as the "Orphic or Eleusian Mysteries."

"He mentions them several times with reverence and his teachings appear in many ways to have been inspired by them." Winkler, p.264

While the 'secret' of the Mysteries was carefully guarded and their exposure punishable by death, it is written they were held by an Orphic brotherhood who brought the secrets of the Pharaohs from Egypt and that they involved a great number of ascetic rules in which the mysteries were revealed in Seven Degrees.

Some Greek authors actually credit the teachings of the Mysteries with having brought forth civilization itself.

The reason for the secrecy was justified in the following manner by the ancient Greeks. "Truth is of divine origin and is revealed only to the few who make the necessary effort to get close to it. Having received the truth with no effort they would not appreciate it and might misuse it." Winkler.

The motive attributed to the Greeks might be considered noble by those who were possessed of the higher learning. But the suspicion is that these mysteries somehow disadvantaged the population at large and required secrecy for fear that truth might turn the population against the secret brotherhood that possessed them.

Whatever the ultimate purpose of the Mysteries in Greece and their secret, they served to establish by rational argument an exclusive 'esoteric' religion for the few, while relegating the uninitiated to simplistic 'exoteric' religions; thereby establishing the philosophical basis for secret societies to be constructed within the framework of both the modern church and state from it's inception. i.e. to give "civilization" an outward appearance for public consumption and an inward program for the initiate.

What that inward program really is and why warfare and assassination would become a vital part of it's expression is what the "Voice" will soon reveal.


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About The Authors

"We were budding, hard-edged truth seekers--the first Americans to get a film crew into Soviet occupied Kabul after the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979," authors Fitzgerald and Gould point out. They wondered what motivated the instigators of this war to bring the world to the edge of Armageddon on the eve of the millennium.

According to Fitzgerald and Gould, "After years of struggling with that tragic story, The Voice was to be our attempt to escape the madness of that war. Inspired by the Joseph Campbell's Power of Myth, we would plunge into a story of myth and legend, leaving the world of geopolitics and hard-edged journalism behind. But instead of an escape, our search began to reveal deeper, far-reaching motives for those events that modern journalism only touches on."

As member of same Fitzgerald family as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Paul carries the Grail quest as it was brought to Ireland by ancestors in 1170 A.D. Camelot was an allusion to the Fitzgerald family's connection to the Holy Grail. If the last Fitzgerald Earl of Desmond had married Mary Queen of Scots as planned, it would unite a Catholic Ireland and Scotland against a Protestant England. The Quest pitted Queen Elizabeth I of England against the houses of all Geraldines, especially the Fitzgeralds. The Fitzgeralds were crushed to destroy their claim to the Grail. Using dreams, visions, the authors approached myth vs. reality so uniquely that Pulitzer Prize winning Harvard Professor Dr. John Mack described them as Mytho-Poetic Radar Team. They lived the Grail mythology and understand its meaning at dawn of the new millennium.

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Subjects From The Book

Good vs. Evil - Dreams, visions, Fitzgerald family, Camelot. Why was JFK assassinated? U.S. Congress acknowledged the Mujihadeen for "Mystical Communications network." The world is moved by the bloodshed of holy warriors, secret societies and zealots who want to deliver the Apocalypse. Laser beams, cell phones, internet, microchip implants, biotechnology, millennium dome, holograms. Technology is the new law, bringing the planet into global uniformity through a network of electronics. Was this a plan conceived millennia ago by a secret brotherhood going back to ancient Egypt to control the world? It is the Matrix: new age, spiritualism, mysticism, scientific, rationalism, all trying to control time, matter, and death.

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