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Research Werk Behind the Voice

Summaries from two of our Research Papers are offered below.

"The Voice" Research Paper is available from our Order Page.

The Dadga, a Quantum Analysis is included at the end of the novel available from our Order Page.

The Voice Research Paper

Laser beams, cell phones, the Internet, microchip implants and biotechnology all in the shadows of Big Ben, the world’s largest Ferris wheel and the millennium dome. What have these seemingly diverse elements got in common? It’s a new millennium and we’re living in a synthetic wired world beyond anyone’s imagination. Technology is the new law, bringing the planet into global uniformity through an artificial neural network of cyber chips. But where do we belong in this brave new world as the old familiar realities quickly dissolve into mere electronic emulations of the real world that was. And more importantly, is this world an accident of human progress, or a carefully designed plan conceived millennia ago by a secret brotherhood intent on controlling the destiny of the entire planet and the thoughts of every human being on it.

Millennium Wheel, London

The Voice research paper was written in 1992 as we prepared for our first meeting with Oliver Stone. Citing historical sources the Voice research paper was our first effort at nailing down the reasons for the big unanswered questions of our day.

It is amazing to look back at this first attempt and see how close we were to our goal of understanding a “hidden” reality that surrounds us - even though it took another 7 years to finish writing the story.

The Dagda, A Quantum Analysis
(Author’s notes from the Voice)

The Dagda was written following the completion of the Voice. Carefully researched, it explains the historical and mythological background behind the conclusions revealed in the Voice. But in the strange, quantum like manner of the Grail, the information included in the Dagda was discovered after the Voice was already completed.

How was this possible? Written largely as a product of dreams, the Voice tells of a 4th dimensional voyage that was mythological in its experience. But as that experience became complete, the true nature of the story began to unfold as a reality in three dimensions.

Entrance, New Grange

As it turned out, the Dagda and his palace at Bru na Boinne (Newgrange) near Dublin was the factual ground zero for that reality.

Estimated to be older than the Pyramids at 5,500 years old, the Bru or the Palace of Angus (son of the Dagda) was to the ancient inhabitants of Ireland, a passageway to another dimension. Yet to the Dagda and his son, it was also a place from where the living of this world could commune with the spirit of “the other” for all time.

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