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Why You Must Read The Voice!

There is nothing in the Voice that is either science fiction or fantasy. All of the technologies employed and their applications are already far from the drawing boards and affecting your lives in ways the waking public has yet to discover. Within a very short time, holography, biotechnology and telecommunications will change the idea of what we think we are, altering the very substance of matter itself.

The Tower, London

In fact Cyberspace has already changed the way we interact with the world and promises to draw us even deeper into other dimen­sions long before we even know where we're going.

From the preface of the Voice

It was nine hundred years ago when a band of Crusaders rode off to Jerusalem searching for the Holy Grail and to stop the world from ending. But why in this "age of reason" is the panic setting in again?

Templar Church, London

The war of the Light against the Dark, Good vs. Evil has raged throughout history and is about to involve us again whether we like it or not. Do we run from it, or do we unlock the ancient conspiracy that guards the Holy Grail of being before it is too late.

Through their dreams and their understanding of myth, Paul and Liz have reconstructed the past and its meaning for the future. They have seen behind the veil of secrecy, probed the network of ancient families and their alliances and discovered a "truth" behind the movement of history. It is a truth that cannot be denied and will be vital to everyone's understanding of the millennium: A high-tech world of holographic dreaming and a worldwide telecommunications industry ready to assume control of life beyond the "seen" world.

House Cavalry, Buckingham Palace

Afraid? We all should be. Unknown to all but a handful of initiates buried deep within the National Security structure, technology is about to change more than just the way we live. It is about to change who and what we are.

As a member of the same Fitzgerald family as the F in JFK, Paul carries within him the Grail quest as it was brought to Ireland by his ancestors in 1170 A.D. This quest long pitted the Royal houses of Europe against one another and over the centuries produced continued conflict between the house of Geraldine and the Royal family of England.

Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke

JFK's Camelot was no accident, but the intentional allusion to his family's long established goal-, to restore the Grail and bring about a renewal of the Western Dream.

The last Fitzgerald Earl of Desmond was considered a potential mate for Mary Queen of Scots, uniting a Catholic Ireland and Scotland against a Protestant England. As were Mary’s ambitions, the Fitzgeralds were crushed in the hopes of destroying their claim to the Grail. Yet the ancient memory of their purpose persists.

Paul's Ancestral Home, Ireland

Paul and Liz bring more to the subject of the Grail than a sense for mythology. Each in their own way has lived the mythology and have come to understand its meaning at the dawn of the new millennium.

Nobel Prize winning Harvard Professor Dr. John Mack described Paul and Liz as a Mytho-poetic radar team.

Graham Hancock scoured the globe for clues to the mysterious secret of the Knights Templar in his book the Sign and the Seal. Paul and Liz have not only found it, they have unlocked the door to the Grail castle.

Templar Insignia, London

The Voice originated with Paul and Liz's true adventures in Afghanistan during the war. With the power of their dreams, it grew into an investigation of the esoteric connection between the Crusaders, the CIA and the mystical holy warriors and their secret pursuit for the Holy Grail. But Afghanistan was just the beginning.

Kipling's Masonic Man Who Would be King sought out the Grail in the legendary Afghan Nuristan, the Land of Light and it was the Land of Light that gave the first clues to the deeper story.

A mystical Afghanistan. Holy warriors, holograms and the CIA. The war of the Light and the Dark - Dreams, visions, the Fitzgerald family and Camelot. Why was JFK really killed and why was it vital to keep the conspiracy covered up for so long?

Paul and the Holy Men 1983

The U.S. Congress even acknowledged the Mujihadeen for their "Mystical communications network.

Today's world is moved by bloodshed, whether Mujihadeen holy warriors or children with guns aimed at their schoolmates - secret societies and zealots await to deliver the prophecies of Armageddon which promise an end to the world as we know it.

Laser beams, cell phones, the Internet, microchip implants and biotechnology all in the shadows of Big Ben, the world’s largest Ferris wheel and the millennium dome. What have these seemingly diverse elements got in common? It’s a new millennium and we’re living in a synthetic wired world beyond anyone’s imagination. Technology is the new law, bringing the planet into global uniformity through an artificial neural network of cyber chips.

Millennium Wheel, London

But where do we belong in this brave new world as the old familiar realities quickly dissolve into mere electronic emulations of the real world that was. And more importantly, is this world an accident of human progress, or a carefully designed plan conceived millennia ago by a secret brotherhood intent on controlling the destiny of the entire planet and the thoughts of every human being on it.

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