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"A mythology doesn’t come from the head, a mythology comes from the heart." When we saw this quote from Joseph CampbelI recently we were startled. If we had read it before we started work on the Voice back in 1992, we never could have written the book. We would have known it was impossible to merge the intellectual quest of the mind and the wisdom quest of the heart into a mythological structure. Using our extensive dreams and visions as a guide we approached the world of the sensory and the extrasensory - of the myth versus the reality, with a style so unusual that Dr. John Mack described us as a Mytho-Poetic Radar Team.

Our GrailWerk Website will guide you through our experience, to reveal how the intelligence of the mind combined with the wisdom of the heart did create a new mythological structure, the Voice, an eight hundred year old love story born of our dreams, visions and real historical events. We share how we dialogued with the mythic voices from the past and the language we learned to understand their meaning.

We share a wealth of first hand experience of the hidden world that surrounds and influences everything we do. We share our dreams and how those dreams opened a door to Hollywood’s hold on image through electronics. We share how we came to understand reality as a matrix interweaving past, present and future by analyzing hundreds of our dream, and ultimately remembering the origin, the deeper purpose of our lives.

We share how we developed the intellectual research tools to analyze the mythic content of our dreams and our place in it. Finally, the emergence of the Black Knight as our own mythic guide and how learning his true role empowered us.

You will learn, as we did over our 27 year quest, what it means to merge the wisdom of the heart with the intelligence of the mind and how that lead us to discover a new paradigm for thoughtful living.

During the dark ages the Grail of enlightenment was removed for protection from all the earth's sacred places. After groping in the dark for a millennium Arthur's knights vowed to restore it by pledging themselves to the quest. But their own darkness prevented them from achieving their goal. When the question that would restore the Grail was put to each and every one, they failed to answer.

As we experience the new millennium that opportunity exists again, but only for a moment in time. When paths cross and the question is put - how will we know the answer? There is only one kind of work that will answer the question... We call that work, GrailWerk.

Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

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