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Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould
A Husband And Wife Team

Hearing The Voice:

Paul Fitzgerald, singer, international journalist, and author - Elizabeth Gould, author, culinary wizard and power dreamer, dialogue on the mythic voices that call to us from the past and the language we must learn to understand their meaning.

From the stage as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar to the mountains of war-tom Afghanistan, to the writing of a Hollywood screenplay, Paul and Elizabeth share a wealth of first hand experience of the hidden world that surrounds and influences everything we do.

Learn from them as they share a unique perspective taught to them from dreams and how those dreams opened a door to the secret of the image. Learn of the ancient Monad of form and how the modern myth makers of Hollywood are filling those Monads with electronic messages.

Who are the aliens and what are they really after, who are the real-life X-FILES? Why do the powerful new myth makers want to wire the world and fill it with a virtual reality when the real one is about to expire?

Things are not as they seem and Paul and Liz can tell you why. As a modern Celtic Bard, Paul merges the earthy quality of the Celt with the mystical world of the Tuatha de Danann and weaves through it a memory of the Akashic record that overthrows the narrow philosophy governing our reality from birth. Elizabeth, as a daughter of Neoplatonism brings with her a natural capacity for the mystical ideals of the longed-for perfect reality. Her understanding and participation in the pure classical world of dreams and its separation from material existence is unique.

Together, the two approach the world of the sensory and the extrasensory - of the myth versus the reality, with a style so unusual that Dr. John Mack described them as a Mytho-Poetic Radar Team.

Paul and Elizabeth bring a wholly new way to look at the world and our place in it. Can we hear the voices of the past that call to us and understand what they are saying before it is too late? Join us for a unique and provocative discussion that will not only redefine what the future means to you but what you mean to it.

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