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The Quest for the Grail Is Finally Solved in a New Novel

The hero of The Voice is a fictionalized Paul Fitzgerald, a middle-aged American living in London. It is
the end of the year 2003, and a totally wired-up electronic world is about to celebrate the winter solstice.
However, before the world moves one step farther into the future, the voices from the past call to Paul in
his sleep, beckoning him to come and revisit them. Although Paul resists at first, he is compelled into
another world, and when he awakens comes face to face with a beautiful blond woman, and a black
knight who has been haunting him in his dreams.

While not dreaming, Paul tries to sort the dreams into reality. But he soon discovers that his employer,
Transitron, a huge communications corporation, has a profound interest in his dream life as well.
When Paul finally realizes Transitron’s technology enables the company to penetrate the secrets held
in Paul’s dreams, the chase ensues. A mysterious astrologer for the ‘royals’ leads Paul back to his
family’s conquest of Ireland in the twelfth century, and there he confronts the voices from the past and
rediscovers his ancient purpose.

Through their dreams and their understanding of myth, authors Fitzgerald and Gould have
reconstructed the past and its meaning for the future. They have seen behind the veil of secrecy,
probed the network of ancient families and their alliances, and discovered a "truth" behind the movement
of history. It is a truth that cannot be denied, and will be vital to everyone's understanding of the new
millennium: a high-tech world of holographic dreaming and a worldwide telecommunications industry
ready to assume control of life beyond the "seen" world.

"Time was like some computer program that was coming to an end," observes the character of Paul
Fitzgerald in The Voice. "Whether contained in the Mayan calendar, Biblical scripture, or Sumerian
texts, the cycle of human history known to the Hindus as the Kali Yuga was about to be completed,
and whether we liked it or not, the three dimensions of our world were about to be coalesced into a
fourth." As they prepare for the coming change, authors Fitzgerald and Gould ask, "Where do we
belong in this brave new world as the old familiar realities quickly dissolve into mere electronic
emulations of the real world that was? And more importantly, is this world an accident of human
progress, or a carefully designed plan conceived millennia ago by a secret brotherhood intent on
controlling the destiny of the entire planet and the thoughts of every human being on it?"

Fitzgerald and Gould promise, "The Voice will take you back to the birth of the ancient Grail quest
5500 hundred years ago, and reveal what that means for the restoration of the Grail through
electronics today and why this will restore the Grail for eternity."

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